• Emergency alerts

    Find out how one2many delivers governments, local authorities and operators with world-class Cell Broadcast solutions for emergency alerts

  • Mobile advertising

    one2many demonstrates how Cell Broadcast enables location-based mobile advertising, increasing campaign effectiveness and delivering a customer-centric service

  • Interactive cell broadcast

    one2many shows how Cell Broadcast, combined with Premium SMS opens up location-relevant cost-effective social community channels for mobile subscribers

  • Dynamic tariffing

    See how one2many helps operators increase ARPU, reduce churn and out-price competition through dynamic tariffing services

  • 15 years of leadership

    one2many is the go-to company for Cell Broadcast. The first ever Cell Broadcast provider, our proven solutions are trusted by many of the world’s leading mobile operators.

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  • Saving lives

    one2many offers the most mature Cell Broadcast system on the market. Through our high performance, robust and open solutions we help save lives through reliable emergency alerts systems.

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  • Global presence

    one2many has the largest global footprint of over 80 installations, with 50 customers in more than 30 countries on all continents.

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Warning sirens and TV broadcasts are no longer enough to ensure public safety. The ubiquity of mobile phones makes them the ideal channel for a modern approach to emergency alert, ensuring as many people as possible can be lead to safety

one2many’s solutions enable operators to monetise Cell Broadcast and deliver new and innovative standout services to their customers. Cell Broadcast’s unique characteristics enable non-invasive location-based messaging in real-time, as well as dynamic tariffing models that help operators optimise existing network resources