Cell Broadcast

The technology

Cell Broadcast enables the delivery of a single text message to all mobile handsets in a given geography. This can range from an area as small as a single radio cell to one as large as an entire country. LTE Broadcast / eMBMS enables the same for live video, multimedia and large files

Cell Broadcast at a glance

Cell Broadcast is a robust and proven technology. It distributes text messages and binary content to Cell Broadcast-enabled handsets specific to their location and within a matter of seconds.

Ideal for emergency alerts and other time-sensitive services, Cell Broadcast also enables revenue-generating services that rely on location, such as mobile advertising and dynamic tariffing

With Cell Broadcast it is possible to send a text message to:

  • millions of subscribers
  • in near real-time
  • with location specific information
  • including visitors from other countries
  • in their desired language
  • without being affected by network congestion.

In LTE networks this text only service has evolved into multimedia broadcasting (eMBMS) enabling sending and streaming of:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Pictures
  • Files

  • How it works

    A real-time service for distributing messages to any number of mobile handsets, specific to a given location.

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  • When to use it

    The features of Cell Broadcast also enable operators to exploit it for revenue-generating location-based services such as mobile advertising, information services and dynamic tariffing.

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  • Benefits

    It is fast and is always available even when the network is congested. Sending a message to millions of handsets takes a matter of seconds.

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