History & Organisation

15 Years of Cell Broadcast leadership

One2many is the pioneer behind Wireless Broadcast. Having built the world’s first Cell Broadcast Centre in 1996, it can claim to have the most mature Wireless Broadcast solutions on the market. Formerly a part of LogicaCMG Telecom Products, one2many was established as an independent business in 2007.

With the spin-off one2many instantly became the world’s market leader in Cell Broadcast with experience in excess of 80 installations, at 50 customers in more than 30 countries on all continents. Based on 19 years’ experience, one2many’s technology leads the market for high availability, performance and interoperability.

one2many has close relationships with all network infrastructure companies, major SIM vendors, leading handset manufacturers and industry standards organisations, and has a unique combination of both theoretical background and practical field experience in Cell Broadcast. The company has the most extensive BSC, RNC, MME, MSC and GAN driver library in the market, ensuring that it can deliver Cell and LTE Broadcast to any operator on any network standard.

Profitable from day one, the company’s strong financial base allows it to continue to innovate and excel in Wireless Broadcast. one2many has its headquarters in The Netherlands and supported by offices around the world.

Cell broadcast timeline

Cell broadcast timeline

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Mission statement

"one2many strives to lead in the innovation, development and manufacture of the
telecommunications industry’s most advanced cell broadcast system; enabling our
customers to utilize the full potential of Wireless Broadcast technology, resulting in greater customer satisfaction, higher revenues and a safer world."

Key facts

  • Built world’s first CBC at D2-Mannesmann (Vodafone DE)
  • More than 19 years of CB experience
  • The most mature and premier CBS product in the market
  • The most experienced and respected CBC vendor
  • The most extensive BSC / RNC / NME driver libraries in the market.
  • Is the global CBC market leader
  • Market leader in CBC for public warning (geo-redundancy) and dynamic tariffing.
  • Most stable product due to design paradigms like high availability, performance and interoperability / open standards.
  • Leading Cell Broadcast authority; actively involved in standardization committees like ETSI, 3GPP, EMTEL, EENA, Cell Broadcast Forum, CHORIST, and ATIS / TIA.
  • Unique combination of both theoretical background and practical field experience in CB public warning.