LTE Broadcast

eMBMS applications

Applications overview

LTE Broadcast supports a range of use cases: live streaming of video for high-demand content, such as live sports and breaking news; background file delivery for popular content video, music and print, software updates and emergency broadcasts. MNOs may choose to deliver their own content or partner with other content providers.

Below are some of the key use cases associated with LTE Broadcast and potential MNO business models.

  • Out of home video

    Offer in-venue, local or nationwide coverage of key events such as sports, concerts, TV shows, awards, elections etc;

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  • Innovative applications

    With the growth of Twitter’s Periscope and Meerkat, the mobile network will be loaded with previously unseen amounts of linear and real-time video content.

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  • Data offload

    Deliver top TV shows, movies, newspapers, magazines, music, YouTube videos, and so on Provide necessary software, app and firmware updates.

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