Out of home video

Out of home video

Live event video streaming

Operators around the world have encountered significant spikes in mobile data traffic due to major sporting events, breaking news, popular TV programs and celebrity events. In fact, Google reported that in the first week of the London Olympics in 2012, event-related searches on mobile devices grew 10 times compared with the previous week. The BBC reported that online video-traffic levels during the games were on average 20 times higher than those during the Beijing games four years before.

Using LTE Broadcast, MNOs can remove these spikes in mobile usage and also offer premium content service in venues, city centers or nationwide, to create new revenue streams with predictable media quality and efficient scalability.

Delivering video streams to hundreds of users in a cell site by using LTE Broadcast will utilize almost the same bandwidth as a single user with the same video quality. The guaranteed quality of experience can increase subscriber loyalty and deliver significant service differentiation.

There are multiple business models that MNOs can use. They could offer their own content. Alternatively, they can certain time slots in different areas to broadcasters, advertisers, venue owners or content providers in exchange for a fixed fee or revenue share.

The same business models can apply to a local event, where MNOs can offer managed services to enterprises that need to broadcast content within a venue or to specific locations, such as shopping malls, museums, airports, theme parks, concert halls, and so on.

Real-time media services for breaking news, sport and weather reports

Daily breaking-news and similar services can be delivered both nationwide and locally. Depending on the content and relevance of the news, an MNO can dynamically select the area and specifics of the broadcast.

In addition to live events, if an MNO decides to dynamically allocate its LTE-network resources for news, weather and sports multicasts for a few hours every day, they require just a few users per cell to justify the costs of the multicast while still saving valuable bandwidth.

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