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Broadcast Multicast Service Center (BM-SC)

  • Manages Broadcasts
    • Authentication
    • Content authorization
    • Geo-targeting
    • Billing
  • User Service Discovery / Announcement
  • Session & Transmission Function
  • Key Management Function
  • SYNC of data for MBSFN

MBMS gateway

  • Data packet delivery/distribution to eNodeBs
  • IP Multicast GTP-U datagrams over UDP
  • MBMS Session Control to E-UTRAN via MME

MBMS Coordination Entity (MCE)

  • Allocation of time and frequency radio resources, and Modulation / Coding Scheme (MCS)
  • Manages  sessions, admission control and MBMS services
  • Support for counting

Standards overview

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Evolved Cell Broadcast Centre

The evolved Cell Broadcast System combines both textual and multimedia broadcast into one platform. One2many customer’s operations and engineering can benefit by software upgrading the existing CBC infrastructure.

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  • What is eMBMS

    A real-time service for sending and streaming of video to any number of mobile handsets, specific to a given location

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  • eMBMS applications

    It is fast and is always available even when the network is congested. Broadcasting in real-time to millions of handsets in HD or QHD quality.

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  • Technology

    The features of LTE Broadcast enable operators to exploit it for revenue-generating location-based services but also for bandwidth cost savings through efficient data delivery.

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