New one2many offices

one2many, the world’s leading Cell Broadcast company, has announced the opening of two new offices to help sustain its continued growth in North America and Asia. The offices, located in Toronto and Kuala Lumpur will help the company support existing clients and support partners to develop in these key strategic markets.

Maarten Mes, managing director of one2many, commented: “Cell Broadcast is quickly proving itself as a vital value-add service for mobile operators and governments across the globe. The wealth of applications it delivers, from public safety early warning systems and location-based marketing, to micro-blogging and social media services are delivering new revenue streams for our customers and partners, helping them to grow the bottom line in an increasingly tough telecoms environment. We have seen particular interest from carriers in Asia and North America, and these two new offices serve to underline our commitment to these important markets and help us drive our own expansion as a business.”

Delivering immediate and widespread message broadcasting, Cell Broadcast services are particularly sought after for time-sensitive location-based services. Governments across the world are increasingly using Cell Broadcast for emergency alerts, whether they are related to natural hazards or security threats. When such events occur, it is vitally important to instantly reach all mobile users within a given area. For mobile operators meanwhile, Cell Broadcast represents a unique opportunity to locally optimise the capacity utilisation rate and to launch new revenue-generating services.

Maarten Mes continued: “One2many has recently closed large deals with multiple tier one carriers in North America for Cell Broadcast Centres (CBC) and Commercial Mobile Service Provider (CMSP) Gateways – for implementing CMAS, the United States’ emergency alerts service. This will help in the effective response to large scale disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tsunami and fires. In Asia, meanwhile, a variety of governments are similarly investigating the use of Cell Broadcast for public warning systems while we have also seen much interest from operators looking to optimise their networks by sweating existing infrastructure by offering dynamic discount services to their customers – features that can be enabled elegantly with Cell Broadcast. Our new offices will allow us to provide the requisite in-region support.”

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