Press release - one2many introduces machine-to-machine Cell Broadcast

one2many, the world’s leading Cell Broadcast company has today announced that it has created a high performance Cell Broadcast Centre designed for high volume machine-to-machine applications.

One2many has successfully completed performance benchmark testing for its new high performance CBC, proving a leap in message processing power in terms of speed, latency and volumes. The system performance upgrade enables mobile operators to extend their Cell Broadcast services, like Emergency Alerts, to the vastly growing M2M market; and resolving key challenges of this exploding opportunity.

Cell Broadcast, a one-to-many, location based message broadcast technology, is standardized and available on 2G, 3G and LTE networks. As the number of connected M2M devices increase exponentially, wireless networks need to be optimized in order to cater for this new class of ‘subscribers’. To connect potentially billions of devices in a high volume and low ARPU context, the bandwidth usage, operational and individual module costs need to be reduced. Cell Broadcast for M2M (CB-M2M) enables efficient mass one-way communication, even without devices having to be registered, authenticated and connected to the wireless network. CB-M2M increases capacity, reduces network overhead, and most importantly gives the wireless carrier total control over the content and billing.

Maarten Mes, CEO of one2many, commented: “Cell Broadcast technology offers a unique set of capabilities to the machine to machine industry, solving wireless carriers challenges when introducing high volume, low ARPU applications. Cell Broadcast aligns cost and revenue for mass deployment, making the M2M business case work.”

The M2M market can benefit from existing carrier deployments as Cell Broadcast is being introduced worldwide as a next generation wireless Emergency Alert service, allowing governments to make vital public announcements to millions of citizens, within seconds, on a location-aware basis, without violating subscriber privacy or being affected by network congestion.

Cell Broadcast technology delivers a non-intrusive, real-time service for the distribution of text-based and binary messages to mobile handsets, specific to their current location. It is capable of broadcasting one single message to reach all mobile handsets in an area as small as one radio cell and as big as an entire country. Sending a message to millions of handsets takes a matter of seconds, making the service ideal for time critical mass applications such as public warning and now machine to machine applications.

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