Press Release - SmartTrust Partnership

one2many, the world’s leading cell broadcast company, and SmartTrust have today announced that it has been selected to integrate its cell broadcast technology into SmartTrust’s leading SmartàLaCarte™ service creation platform. SmartàLaCarte with SmartTrust Wib™, the de-facto environment for Dynamic SIM Toolkit (DSTK), enables mobile network operators to introduce SIM based revenue-generating services. SmartTrust’s customers can now take advantage of the cell broadcast technology of one2many to distribute geographic location specific value-add push services to entire subscriber bases instantaneously, reducing costs and delivery time.

Cell broadcast (CB) offers a non-intrusive, real-time service of distributing text messages and binary content to mobile handsets, specific to their current location. CB is capable of broadcasting one single message to reach all mobile handsets in an area as small as one radio cell and as big as an entire country. Sending a message to millions of handsets takes a matter of seconds. This is particularly important for emergency alert services and other time sensitive services, like dynamic discount and sports goal alerts.

Maarten Mes, Managing Director of one2many comments: “Operators are looking to send promotional messages to all subscribers in a network, instantly and based on location, all without jeopardising subscribers’ privacy or overloading the network. Cell broadcast technology offers this risk free and is proven and available in GSM and UMTS networks. We at one2many are excited that the potential of this technology is released to the users and developer community of SmartTrust’s SmartàLaCarte suite. It will enable SmartTrust’s customers to maximise revenue from existing investments and introduce innovative and cost effective location-based services even in mass deployments.”

Fredrik Almgren, Director Product Management at SmartTrust, comments: "Integrating the SmartàLaCarte 5 server systems to the one2Many cell broadcast systems provides our customers with a very efficient channel to the mass of subscribers. It opens up for a wide variety of innovative services for the Wib 2 environment, like Mobile Advertising and Interactive Cell Broadcast. This is a very interesting enhancement since content and applications can now be distributed to literally hundreds of thousands of subscribers at the same time. The decade of experience and company heritage of one2Many in the cell broadcast area combined with its technical expertise makes it attractive for us to choose them as our primary partner.”

SmartTrust has joined one2many’s Technology Partnership program. This program fosters and supports bilateral research projects which have the potential for commercialisation of CB services. It will also stimulate multi-lateral science and technology networking activities to further new partnerships and accelerate the commercialisation of research and development.

Press Release - SmartTrust 19 January 2010 (220.75 kB)