Interactive cell broadcast


Interactive cell broadcast

Interactive Cell Broadcast inserts the operator into the social community value chain. Cell Broadcast enables user-generated content to be broadcast with location relevance without the need to install costly Location Based Service capabilities into the network.

Operators can set up social community platforms such as dating channels and classifieds channels which subscribers can use to generate and broadcast their own content. User content is sent to operators via a premium rate number – generating revenue for the operator with each use. Once received by the operator the content can be broadcast to all users in a given location signed up to a particular channel. Such services are already proving popular in Eastern Europe, especially for dating services.

At a stroke, Cell Broadcast provides operators with a range of community services to rival those delivered by Over-The-Top content provider. As the vast majority of mobile phones are already capable of receiving Cell Broadcast, moreover, the target audience is not just limited to smartphone owners who have downloaded the relevant software. Anyone with a phone can take part in Cell Broadcast social communities. All the operator needs to do is set up the service and then moderate the content. For end users the service is simple to use and means they do not need to eat in to their monthly data allowance. This also helps operators reduce the burden on their networks caused by excessive data usage, while still providing subscribers with access to a full range of services.

Cell broadcast delivers the location-aware services in demand by consumers, but it also reduces the cost of delivering these services for the network operators. The most important aspect of Cell Broadcast is that it provides operators revenue generating capabilities while reducing network congestion and ensuring they can offer a high end-user experience on all data services.