Mobile advertising


Mobile advertising

The mobile phone represents an ideal marketing channel. It is the most ubiquitous personal device available and provides an efficient means for companies to market their services directly to consumers.

Mobile marketing has become increasingly popular since the rise of SMS and the utility of the medium has grown in the eyes of advertisers as it has been linked to Location-Based Services (LBS).

Marketing services based on SMS have not been without their problems however and have been linked to SPAM. Most SMS-based services now require the subscriber to opt-in and register their details with the brands being marketed, raising some concerns over privacy.

Cell Broadcast has solved the issue of how to deliver location-based services without the need to impinge on user privacy.

The messages are not sent to specific individuals – just to handsets within a certain area, removing any concerns over privacy. Cell Broadcast also offers a solution that does not spam consumers. The Cell Broadcast channel on handsets can easily be switched on and off by users, providing them with a simple means of opting in and out of location-based advertising or other services. Cell Broadcast can enable instantaneous location-specific communication.

Moreover, Cell Broadcast can enable specialist interest channels, sponsored by brands that consumers can opt-in to. Football fans, for example, can get live score updates in real-time on a service sponsored by sports-good companies. This is the common TV model but adapted for mobile phones – users know they will receive advertising, but they agree to it due to the compelling nature of the content they receive.

The applications for this are endless. Food chains could text everyone in a shopping centre with their latest offers and details on how to get to their concession stands; promoters at music festivals could send information to all attendees on which acts are starring on which stages, or which bars are offering drinks promotions - the list is never-ending. Wherever companies wish to send marketing and promotional materials that are relevant to a distinct location, Cell Broadcast can enable instantaneous location-specific communication, boosting the success of the campaign and generating good will from consumers.