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The latest Cell Broadcast System, BMSC and MBMS GW product documentation can be downloaded from Please, use an FTP client such as Filezilla in Secure FTP mode.

Access credentials will be provided to you after you contacted the one2many Support Department.


This page contains a number of a whitepapers on the Cell Broadcast Service. More papers will be added in the future.

Why are all global Wireless Emergency Alerts standards based on Cell Broadcast? Why is SMS not suited for public warning?

SMS vs Cell Broadcast in Wireless Emergency Alerts

The whitepaper "Displaying CB messages" explains one2many’s view on how a Cell Broadcast message shall be displayed on a mobile device, based on 3GPP specifications 3GPP TS 23.038 and 3GPP TS 23.041.

Whitepaper Displaying CB messages

Find out how one2many delivers governments, local authorities and operators with world-class Cell Broadcast solutions for emergency alerts:

Whitepaper: Cell Broadcast Emergency Alerts

With public safety at the top of any government’s agenda, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior realized that a modern public warning system was essential for the safety of its citizens. With one2many’s Cell Broadcast System, it found a solution that met all of its requirements.

Case study: one2many helps the Dutch Ministry of the Interior innovate in public warning

Mobile Network Public Warning Systems and the Rise of Cell-Broadcast

Whitepaper - GSMA - Disaster Response Program - Emergency Alerts

Whitepaper - GSMA - Disaster Response Program - Emergency Alerts (Portuguese)

CMAS / PLAN / WEA standards: